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Easy. Simple. Quick.

Software to Manage your Security Team & Monitor Performance in Real Time !
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Scan tags to be confident that a site has been checked

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Timely Notifications

Communicate with Guards via Notifications

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Create checklists for Guards to follow


CANdispatch is designed to make your job as a guard simple, easy and quick, so you can focus on protecting your client's properties.

With our Online Dispatch System we make it easy to schedule agents, track activities and create reports. Protecting your clients and their property can be a tough job, let us take some of the worry out of it by knowing at a glance what’s happening with a client or location.


CANdispatch has a plethora of features for you and your guards to take advantage of



Manage and schedule mobile vehicles or stationary agents quickly and easily by setting time-specific events


Unique Design

Straightforward and Intuitive design ensures that guards are given exactly what they need to perform at their best



Be confident that areas of your client's sites have been patrolled by scanning NFC tags


Track Activity & Status Reports

Keep track of your agent’s activities and status reports in a centralized location.


Intuitive Dashboard

Schedule agents and vehicles to complete location or time specific activities using dynamically created checklists


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